About National Poetry Foundation

The National Poetry Foundation is internationally known for its innovative approach to scholarship in the fields of modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. It is directed by an editorial collective consisting of Carla BillitteriSteve Evans, and Benjamin Friedlander.

Betsy Graves Rose is the production specialist for the NPF and Gail Sapiel is the business manager

Established in 1971 by Carroll F. Terrell (1917-2003) as a center for Pound scholarship, our mission was expanded by Burton Hatlen (director from 1990 until his death in 2008) to include the entire tradition of innovative poetry from modernism to the present day.

The NPF is known for

    • its journals, Paideuma and Sagetrieb;
    • its substantial collections of works by outstanding poets such as Joanne Kyger, Theodore Enslin, and Kenneth Fearing;
    • its “Person & Poet” series, inaugurated in 1979 with Louis Zukofsky: Man & Poet and later including volumes devoted to H.D., Charles Reznikoff, Carl Rakosi, Mina Loy and many others;
    • and its regular “decades” conferences, where scholars from around the world congregate to analyze, explore, and debate a particular ten-year period in North American poetry.

Working in close partnership with the about-usUniversity of Maine English Department, the NPF undertook a major new initiative in 1999 with the launch of the New Writing Series, a program of public readings and events that has brought hundreds of today’s most adventurous writers to the UMaine campus (excerpts from the substantial audio-visual archive generated by the New Writing Series are available elsewhere on this site).